Crime Reduction NGO's    

Crime prevention and campaigning NGO's play a very important role in community safety and criminal justice in the UK. This page provides links to the major British and international non governmental organisations working in the field of community safety and crime prevention.

UK Links

National Community Safety Network    

A practitioner-led organisation supporting those involved in promoting community safety/crime reduction throughout the UK.

Crimestoppers UK  

Crimestoppers in the UK is a charity specialising in the reporting of crime, independent of the police and government.


An independent voluntary organisation working to prevent crime through the development of projects, programme and information provision.

International Links

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

UNODC  was established in 1997 through a merger between the United Nations Drug Control Programme and the Centre for International Crime Prevention. UNODC operates in all regions of the world through an extensive network of field offices. UNODC relies on voluntary contributions, mainly from Governments, for 90 per cent of its budget.

European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN)

The EUKN is a European initiative in which 15 EU member states, EUROCITIES, the URBACT Programme and the European Commission participate. Its primary aim is to share knowledge and experience on tackling urban issues.

European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control

The European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control; affiliated with the United Nations is the European link in the network of institutes operating within the framework of the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme.

International Centre for the Prevention of Crime (ICPC), Montreal, Canada

The ICPC assists cities and countries to reduce delinquency, violence and insecurity.

International CPTED Association (ICA)

The ICA aims 'to create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles and strategies.

Crimestoppers Europe

Information and points of contact for the current Crimestoppers organisations in Europe, setting up a new organisation.

European Designing Out Crime Association (E-DOCA)

E-DOCA  is dedicated to safe communities and improving the quality of urban life by implementation, promotion, and further development of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design and Designing Out Crime.

European Forum for Urban Safety, Paris, France (Forum Européen pour la Sécurité Urbaine)

The  Forum is a network of cities 'striving towards safety and democracy'  and has  a double ambition, to have knowledge of how others live and face problems related to education, training, the elderly and security was the first credo of this network of cities and to organise exchanges between people and best policy practices.

Updated May 2015