Gangs and Crime

Recent gang related gun  and knife crime crime murders in South London and the north of England have highlighted the social complexity of violence and the difficulties in effective and sustainable prevention. The emergence of active gangs in many cities in the UK appears to mimic the gang culture of the USA; although - as yet - it does not appear to have taken on all of the complexity of a 'delinquent sub culture'.

The association of UK gangs with the sale and distribution of drugs is significant as are the links between gang behaviour and  'gangsta rap'. See also Violent Crime and Youth Crime.

Gang Crime Links

Solutions to Address Gang Crime    

This suite of information tools, made available by the US Department of Justice, provides assistance for both practitioners and communities in trying to identify and reduce gang crime. It includes suggested law enforcement activities to reduce gang crime, data on gang activity in different populations, the criminal activity of gangs and general gang statistics. For parents, there are also quick reference cards in 4 languages to help identify and discourage gang behaviour amongst children.

The Reluctant Gangsters Study

Reluctant Gangsters highlights the structure, activities and impact of gangs on life in Waltham Forest, London and suggests ways of tackling the problems they cause.

Gun and Knife Crime Links 

11 Million: Young People and Gun and Knife Crime

This report, commissioned by ‘11 MILLION’ (the organisation led by the Children’s Commissioner for England, Sir Al Aynsley-Green), from the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, provides a detailed overview of what 'the highest quality research evidence tells us about gun and knife crime interventions for young people'.

Drop the

Drop the Weapons - the official website of the Metropolitan Police's Operation Trident set up in 1998 to help bring an end to a spate of shootings and murders among young black Londoners.Contains useful web links and general information.

Updated May 2015