Business and Retail Crime

Crimes committed against commercial businesses fall into a series of sub topics from fraud;  to factory and farm thefts; to retail theft;  to cash in transit robberies, to copyright theft. Specialist crime prevention groups such as the British Retail Consortium, offer advice and develop actions to tackle the issues. At a local level police Crime Reduction Officers and Community Safety specialists will actively advise on the issues.

The  National Association of Business Crime Partnerships  works with business crime reduction partnerships (BCRPs), police, local authorities and other agencies to help businesses reduce the impact and cost of crime against them, their staff and the communities in which they trade. Other links are below.

Leaflet from Huntindon Business Against Crime

It is generally accepted that business and retail crime is hard to measure but it is accepted that 'businesses are at greater risk of crime than domestic households.... (and) the risk of repeat incidents, and the costs of incidents, are also greater for businesses than for private households.' (UK Home Office).

The impact of this type of crime is significant - effecting employment prospects in areas, company profitability, access to retail and business outlets for communities etc. The impact is variable but is especially significant for small retailers, and the communities they serve, in deprived areas (and that is not to reduce concern about these crimes of fraud, theft, robbery etc. for all the retail and business community).

Business and Retail Crime Links

Crime Against Business: what (community safety) partnerships need to know

This archived guide from BERR and the Home Office is designed to give businesses and local business crime reduction partnerships practical advice on reducing crime, including how better to work together. This document is focused on information for crime reduction partnerships.

The Scottish Business Crime Centre   

The Scottish Business Crime Centre is a non-profit making organisation created in 1996 under the Business Crime Reduction Strategy for Scotland.

Centre for Retail Research: shopping and retail crime

Providing research and analysis into retail crime and useful weblinks.

Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT

The FACT site - including information on a pirate DVD joint operation with local community safety and police partners.

Huntingdonshire Business Against Crime

Huntingdonshire Business Against Crime is an independent, non profit making organisation set up in March 2004 by Huntingdon Town Centre Partnership.

Updated May 2015