Violent Crime (General)

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This page provides an introduction to violent crime reduction information. It is a scattered collection of links. There appears to be no definitive sites but the information contained in the links provides an exploration of the subject, illustrating its complexity and giving examples of good practice responses. Reduction in violent crime continues to be a top priority for the UK government. In the development of its new targets for crime reduction it is proposing that a tiered approach to crime reduction is established and heading the list is violent crime. To develop this further key strategies are being established and the first of these - published in April 2007 - was  the Cross Government Action Plan on Sexual Violence and Abuse. (see also Gang Crime).

The recent presentation given to Policy Exchange 'Tackling Violent Crime through Multi Agency Partnerships' can be found here.

Violence Against Women & Girls Action Plan

To coincide with International Women’s Day, the coalition Government has launched:

Call to End Violence Against Women and Girls: Action Plan.

The Action Plan brings together actions across Government to:

  • prevent violence from happening by challenging the attitudes and behaviours which foster it and intervening early where possible to prevent it

  • provide adequate levels of support where violence does occur

  • work in partnership to obtain the best outcome for victims and their families

  • take action to reduce the risk to women and girls who are victims of these crimes and ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice

The Action Plan focuses on awareness raising, early identification and early intervention and recognises that violence against women and girls occurs in all countries and it is an issue which crosses borders.

Violence Reduction Links

 Violent Crime: Home Office   

Suprisingly limited web page on violent crime from the UK Home Office.

Violent Crime in England and Wales  

Additional government information on violent crime reduction.

A Qualitative Study of the Role of Violence in Street Crime   

Smith (2003) conducted a study of personal robbery using police crime reports and witness statements.

EUCPN Best Practice Conference on Violent Street Crime

European Union Crime Prevention Network conference report hosted by the UK containing examples of  best practice.  

World Health Organization, Injuries and Violence Prevention   

In March 2000, a Department for Injuries and Violence Prevention (VIP) was created. The mission of VIP is to lead global action to prevent violence and unintentional injuries as major threats to public health.