Street Crime/Personal Robbery

Robbery  is once again a resurgent offence in the UK - after a period of decline which follwoed the national Street Crime Reduction Programme. 

Street crime is a 'portfolio' offence; a number of slightly differing types of offending behaviour. To an extent these offences are difficult to precisely describe - as we try to pinpoint the unlawful behaviour as one type of crime or another. Is it theft from a person or is it snatch theft from a person or is it pickpocketing?   

Understanding the portfolio nature of this type of offence is very important in developing an understanding the actual problems faced in preventing and reducing the crimes and developing the work to reduce those crime through developing effective enforcement and prevention activities.

Street Crime Links

Street Crime and Robbery Reduction Toolkit

An archived Home Office 'toolkit, giving the background to street crime and robbery offending, an analysis of the issues and local solutions.