Car Crime 

This page provides an introduction to car crime reduction information. Car crime/auto crime continues to be a high volume crime. The basic car crimes are theft from and theft of motor vehicles. They tend to vary in percentage from area to area. It is important to assess the causes of the crimes to know if here is to be an effective challenge to the problems - theft resulting from drugs misuse, or stealing  cars for 'joy-riding' will clearly have different crime prevention demands..

It is not sufficient to rely upon a leaflet drop and some high visibility patrolling when the crime analysis identifies that the causes are drug addiction habit feeding or 'boy racers'. The Caught Red Handed programme (below) provides a very accessible and practical guide to car crime reduction work.

Car Crime Links

Reducing Vehicle Crime

Surrey Police web page with advice, links and video about reducing vehicle crime/auto theft.

Safer Motoring

Information on reducing the chances of motor vehicle theft by taking some simple steps.

Reducing Vehicle Crime: National Audit Office

National Audit Office review of programmes to reduce vehicle crime and the delivery of this service at a local level.

Reducing Vehicle Crime: Toolkit

Guidance produced by the Home Office for crime reduction services and local communities

Updated May 2015